We are committed to providing our customers with a consistent supply of high quality, safe, and sustainable seafood sourced from around the world. This is accomplished by empowering our employees, respecting our environment and always putting our customers first.

Our past…

Acadian Fish Company opened for business on December 23, 1963, in Los Angeles, California, proudly founded by Harvey and Lucille Reynolds. Born in Huntington Park, CA, Harvey served in WWII and, after a brief farming experience, went to work for the Louisiana Fish Company in the early 1950s. Harvey eventually purchased the business and changed the name to Acadian Fish Company as a tribute to the area in Louisiana that supplied most of their product.

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Our passion…

Taking care of the customer is our top priority at Acadian Fish Company, where the sun never sets on a customer challenge. This customer-focused dedication is shared not only by David and Kent but instilled in every team member, empowering our people to make decisions and direct resources aimed at meeting a customer’s needs 24 hours a day. At Acadian Fish Company, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to deliver for our customers.

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