We are committed to providing our customers with a consistent supply of high quality, safe, and sustainable seafood sourced around the world. This is accomplished by empowering our employees, respecting our environment and always putting our customers first.

It all started
Back in 1963

Acadian Fish Company opened for business on December 23, 1963 in Los Angeles. Harvey and Lucille Reynolds were the proud founders. Harvey was born in Huntington Park, California. After serving in WWII and a brief farming experience, he went to work for Louisiana Fish Company in the early 1950’s. He eventually purchased the business and changed the name to Acadian Fish Company. The name Acadian was chosen because that is the area in Louisiana where most of their products came from.

In 1981 Harvey passed away. His two sons, Jim and John took over the management of the business. They started to bring in Farm Raised Catfish from Mississippi and this product grew quickly in popularity. Pretty soon, they were selling over 100,000 pounds of fresh Catfish per week. They had to move to a bigger facility at 1375 East 6th Street in Los Angeles to handle the increased business.

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At Acadian, the sun never sets on a customer’s challenge. What this means is, our relentless customer focus empowers our people to make decisions and direct resources towards meeting our customer’s needs…24 hours a day!!!

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